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David Swenson - DVD: The First Series Ashtanga Yoga
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David Swenson - DVD: The First Series Ashtanga Yoga

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Engelstalige DVD van David Swenson "The First Series".

David's precision and softness are reflective of his 30 years of experience. Patience is encouraged and his delivery of the foundations are clear and down-to-earth. This First Series DVD contains a complete introduction to the foundations of Ashtanga Yoga followed by a full flowing First Series session as well as a soothing deep relaxation.


Here's the complete First Series of Ashtanga Yoga preceeded by a 30 minute introduction explaining the foundations of the practice. David's delivery of the basic principles is clear and down-to-earth. He opens this practice to a variety of levels by offering varying degrees of approach. After the introduction there is a fully guided First Series practice in the traditional flowing rhythm inherent to Ashtanga Yoga. The session ends with a guided deep relaxation. This program is great for daily practice! Ashtanga Yoga is best learned under the guidance of a qualified instructor. This program is designed as an aid to those that have already learned the sequence frrom a teacher.


  • Maakt onderdeel uit van een reeks DVD's: The Practice, Ashtanga Yoga with David Swenson.
  • Engelstalig
  • DVD verschijningsdatum: 20 april 2004
  • speelduur: 120 minuten